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Hey Travelers, The moon is now in the sign of Sagittarius! And the Archer loves freedom

Hey Travelers,

The moon is now in the sign of Sagittarius!☽📷♐ And the Archer loves freedom and exploration.

This is a time in which you may feel the call to break free of the winter doldrums.

If your travels take you inward, you may find yourself examining your own philosophical leanings, seeing if and where you can expand your beliefs. If your travels take you outward you will want to play enthusiastically letting loose of all that pent up energy.

Sagittarius also loves higher learning. With its planetary ruler Jupiter flavoring the mood, this is a wonderful time to dig a little deeper and expand your knowledge. Maybe you will learn something that frees your mind from old constraints or perhaps those hermetic mysteries will finally unfold for you now.

In any case Sagittarius loves freedom in thought, choice and action. The Archer hates to be hemmed in and subject to other people's narrow views. And will go from being jovial and optimistic to firey and rebellious.

Remember it is your emotions that motivate your actions. So, if you have been frustrated by feeling confined you may be tempted to do something impulsive to shake things up. You know like shave your head, join the circus or get a tattoo.

☆☆☆ Don't pull the trigger just because you wanna hear something go BANG. You could accidentally hit something that causes regret. Slow down my dear… remember that like everything else in life this too shall pass. Instead of getting a tattoo that is hard to explain or having to wear a hat for the next 6 months, plan for your adventure - don't just go looking for it.

♡♡♡ Keep yourself grounded my dear. It's been a long cold winter and the the temptation to unshackle yourself from all commitments and responsibilities will be nearly unshakable. Be mindful of your motivations and look before you leap.

That's all for now Moonlings.

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