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Sun, Moon & Rising Astrology Reading

Sun, Moon & Rising Astrology Reading


Sun, Moon & Rising Astrology Reading


Your three most important astrological signs in one video reading!

Lear about your Sun, Moon and rising signs in this super indepth video reading.


Your Sun Sign represents your core self

Your Moon Sign represents your emotional & intuitive self

Your Rising Sign represents your outter self


Discover what makes you unique!


Inculdes PDF copy of your birth chart!


** Please include your:



GENDER AT BIRTH (gender identity is respected in the reading)





If you don't know the time a noon chart will be created and will still be fairly accurate. 


  • Instructions

    Please provide accurate birth time, location and date details for yourself only. 

    You will recieve an email with your private video link within 24 hours of order.

    Video will remain active for 7 days & then it will be deleted.

    Astrology readings are provided through interpreting the meaning of signs, planets, aspects and houses. 

    There may be differences in interpretation from different sources. 

    Advice rendered should not replace the advice of a medical physicia, mental health care or legal professional.


    • Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should never replace the advice of a medical or legal professional.
    • There is NO GUARANTEE of accuracy
    • All sales are final & non refundable
    • The purchase of the reading is at the risk of the purchaser. The purchaser will not hold Alysa Bartha, North Star Mystic or any affliates responsible for any damages or claims.
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