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Special Date Chart

Ensuring the universe is on your side is NOT cheating!

Don't guess, plan strategically!

All I need is the date of your event and your birth chart data and BAM! I can tel you very quickly if this is the best date for your event. Oh, and if it's not, I will help you choose the best date according to your stars!

How AWESOME is that?!?!?!

What you get - 

  • A calendar with all of your personal transits (transits are the energies that are at work on any give day... basically how the planets are getting along) 

  • A list of the ideal dates and times for your event or important engagement - Because you need options!

  • A copy of the chart for your important date with a full and easy to understand interpretation to help you understand why the date you choose is the best one. Also great as a keep sake!

** You will need to accurately provide the date, time and location of your event as well as your birth date data which includes the date, time and place.

Your chart Takes approximate 5 business days from the time payment is received. While I always do my best to have your chart cast and interpreted within those times lines, please allow for extra time during holiday seasons.

*** Oh, and your information is completely safe with me, I never share it with anyone! In fact, even if I was offered a large sum of money in non sequential bills or I was was being threatened with some painful yet strangely obscure torture... I'd totally act like I didn't know anything about you.

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