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Birth Chart PDF ONLY

Your report will unlock the secret insights into the most important areas of your life including; unique life challenges, particular talents, abilities, inclinations and aversions, a whole lot more.  

Your chart will be delivered directly to your email in just five-days, you will enjoy discovering page after page of how the unique yet consistent and predictable cycles of the solar system offer remarkably accurate insights that help us to understand ourselves completely.


Please note:  all of the charts I cast are 100% individualized and custom made based on your personal birth information. Each report is presented in a beautiful full-color high-quality PDF  emailed to your inbox within five-business days and ready for color printing if you choose.

When you order you will receive:

  • Full-color zodiac chart

  • Complete interpretation 

  • 100% custom chart personalized with your unique birth information

  • Delivered in PDF format by email within three to five business days

  • Presented in lovely high-quality, full-color PDF 

  • Intended for persons aged 14 and over only


** You will need to accurately provide the date, time and location of your birth.

Your chart Takes approximate 5 business days from the time payment is received. While I always do my best to have your chart cast and interpreted within those times lines, please allow for extra time during holiday seasons.

*** Oh, and your information is completely safe with me, I never share it with anyone! In fact, even if I was offered a large sum of money in non sequential bills or I was was being threatened with some painful yet strangely obscure torture... I'd totally act like I didn't know anything about you.

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