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Freddie Mercury and The Dark Moon Lilith

You have a shadow self, a darker side of your personality that you feel detached from, an unclaimed self. Often we don't see this side of ourselves in the mirror. Instead the awareness of this cloaked Goddess exists outside of the obvious and lives somewhere within the depths of your instincts.

She is only awakened with ferocious need. She unveils her beautiful and terrible face when you need her to carve a new path into the flesh of the Earth. When nothing but dispassionate amputation of old bonds will do. She is maturity, she is arrival. She is the mother of decay, destruction, growth and ultimately inner balance.

You have met her.

You have eaten your last meal with her more times than you can account for. Lilith brings the unfoldment of feminine empowerment. Her archetype has been literally demonized, her face and purpose distorted, inspiring fear and repulsion. But those feelings my dear are for the uninitiated. Let me tell you a little story about how this powerful energy is one to befriend and embrace She will show you things that you can't unsee, but you will be wiser for your awakening.

Lilith is not a heavenly body like a planet or star. Rather, in Astrological terms Lilith represents a point of power like the Nodes of the Moon. Geometrically, Black Moon Lilith is found in the the empty space as a focal point of the Moon's elliptical orbital path around the Earth.

As an astrological symbol, Lilith seems to show the unfolding of the ancient archetypal feminine power of creation, growth, stasis, decay and destruction.

This is a point that is found in everyone natal chart, you don't have to be female to enjoy the company of this energy. The Lilith archetype is associated maturity, with an emphasis on emotional maturity, and is activated when you are challenged with turbulent feelings like, jealousy and rage which when resolved brings you to a point inner balance and harmony.

Black Moon Lilith brings a gift of self-empowerment. Her dark face is revealed to you in moments where you are under the yoke of violent eruptions of destructive anger, intense passion, emotional manipulation and disordered aggression. Lilith can often demand a renunciation of spiritual (or even material) of attachments,in order to create balance with harmonic the South Node of the Moon.

So lets look at Lilith in action -

Born Farrokh Bulsara 5 September 1946

Freddie Mercury is widely regarded as one of the best singers the rock world has ever known. 2019 brought his and Queens story back to the world stage reminding us of Freddie's theatrical stage persona and his impressive four octave vocal range. Queen's contribution to the music world cannot be overstated, but Freddie has always left a lasting impression on me. I always was fascinated by him. His genius , his creativity and of course his singing. Aside from my fan girling, I was and am also keenly interested in his personal struggles. Freddie was famous in a world that was ready to accept his talent but not his identity. To be bi- sexual or gay in the 70's and early 80's was a dangerous thing on many levels, for some people it meant literal death, and for others it ended families, careers, friendships and was a figurative death that felt as harsh and horrible as the real thing.

So hey, lets look at his natal chart says I!

FREDDIE BLACK MOON LILITH IN THE 4TH HOUSE For him this placement showed up as upset for his family. Looking at it he may have believed or felt that his family was the problem because he may have felt that his right to express himself was inhibited.

However, the truth may have been that he was really running away from his family obligations. To some degree he may have held an expectation that his family members should have rescued him, soothed him or in some way saved him from the problems he was challenged with. He may have felt like family should be comprised of people ready to sooth his pains. I look at his chart and think that perhaps beneath the surface he knew that some aspects of his behavior was upsetting to his loved ones. He may have sometimes felt the desire to change, even though some of what upset his family was well beyond his control.

Though Freddie may have at times lashed out at his family and in the same turn felt surprised that they didn't swoop in and save the day. Keep in mind that the fourth house is associated with home and family and even if this sometimes didn't directly affect his family of origin, it would have affected those he looked upon as family. Think his band mates and even his partners Mary Austin (1970–1976) and later Jim Hutton (1985–1991)

What he may not have known that Lilith's Black Moon's gift was an opportunity to bring sub / unconscious or self-defeating behavior into the light of day where it could no longer exert its destructive force.

n other words, the reactions his behavior would cause were cue's for him to take a look in the mirror and do some self examination, admit fault when it was his and do better. Not easy. Also he may have done better to find a more diplomatic way to express his true self as a career musician as well as the need for acceptance of his personal life. Also super not easy. Can't say I would have done better even knowing what I know.

Also worth looking at was the sign Lilith occupied in Freddie's Natal Chart.

THE BLACK MOON IN SAGITTARIUS It's not terribly surprising to see this placement. From looking at his chart, I can see that it's very much his tendency to throw himself into new ventures that he would have

determined to be exhilarating physically, emotionally or mentally. For some people this can be a positive trait if the person can show some self-restraint and consider those around them. However, as it is with the Black Moon in the Sign of Sagittarius, it would indicate that Freddie would have been somewhat reckless in pursuit of his vision. It would be like tying a wagon to a lighting bolt and asking any occupants to just hang on. If you could talk to some of the people closest to Mr. Mercury they might laugh and nod if they compared this description with the man they knew.

Freddie may not have always been aware of just how enthusiastic his nature was. At times he may have been an unconscious bully. His excitement and determination to see his vision brought to fruition could have surpassed his maturity. This is where the darker side of his nature would have been activated. Those shadow characteristics that he may have known to exist and that there was a need to address, but he may have preferred to ignore. Perhaps justifying his bullying has determination or his cold ambition as persistent determination. With this placement Lilith also offers her Black Moon gift is the opportunity to recognize the need to temper his enthusiasm, and to give others the freedom to express their own passion. Allowing other people to offer their insights or even creative expressions. Had he lived long enough there is no doubt in my mind that her would have made an effective teacher or leader. Perhaps even using his unique perspective and experiences to the world to benefit humanity. After all you don't get a four octave range and the charisma of Freddie Mercury for no good reason.

Even though his life was shorter than most would agree was fair, he did bring millions and generations much joy and inspiration. Looking at him from afar as a fan, I will always love the sound of his voice belting out "Can anybody find meeeeeee .... somebody toooooo loooOOooOOovveeee."

Though some people may not have been satisfied with the Biopic Rhapsody, feeling that some aspects of Mercuries life were watered down or over looked, I can't help but feel a wee bit closer to performers I love. So I say good job. Plus it was interesting to get a peek at a light that shined so bright you could never really get close enough to it.

So, I'll say this much - Freddie Mercury had more musical talent in his little finger than I have in my entire body. But, as the universe will have it, he had his struggles too and Lilith shows us the truth in that statement. I'm never unsatisfied by the clarity that astrology can provide. Showing us our greatest strengths as well as our biggest handicaps.

If you are interested in learning about where Dark Moon Lilith is placed, order a chart, I'll be happy to show you how you can accept her gifts.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


Love Alysa

Alysa is a Spiritual Systems Analyst - She loves to use all of her Virgo / Aquarius fueled superpowers as an astrologer, veteran tarot reader, reiki master and mystic. She hates referring to herself in the third person... but figures it's what everyone else seems to do so hey, why not.

Alysa works from from her Hillsburgh Ontario office, teaching and treating those who need help and healing. She is a huge fan of all things mystical that open the mind and closes down fear. Oh and she has been known to collect large amounts of crystals, tarot cards and books... and comic books. Basically, she is trying to be a grown up while also being a useful human being.

To book a reading, consult or to order a chart or register for a class - click here!

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