Hey Stargazers, The Moon continues its journey through the zodiac and is now in the sign of Cancer.

Hey Stargazers

The Moon continues its journey through the zodiac and is now in the sign of Cancer.

The energy of this Moon may have you feeling a bit more emotional than usual.

You could be feeling a bit more vulnerable and like the crab you may find yourself approaching issues indirectly, coming from the side rather than head on.

While the moon is in its home sign of Cancer you may feel instinctively drawn toward domestic matters. Your focus being dominated by the subconscious desire for a tender vibe at home. You are likely to want to hang on tightly to the things and thoughts that bring you a sense of security.

Prepare yourself to ride the waves of the coming days. Try not to fight against the fluctuations in your own emotional body let alone that of others. You want to create a protective and nurturing environment for those you love.

Be cautious that your desire for things to be perfect and harmonium doesn't cause you to over extend yourself even to family and or friends.

♡♡♡ with moon trine Neptune you could feel a sudden burst of creative energy. Take this as an opportunity to culture a dream for your future that will bring you joy.

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