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Personal Astrology Transit Calendar

Every day as the planets travel along their orbital path, they make contact with each other creating energetic influences that affect your life…Think of Mercury retrograde. In Astrology, the movements of the planets in the sky relative to the Earth are called ‘Transits’.

When things are shift and changing in your life, or standing too still or if you want to know when a certain something might happen - this is the right kind of chart for you.


Your 12-month Transit calendar will be delivered to you via email in a wonderfully deigned and printable PDF.


*** To create your Transit chart I require your birth time, date and location information.

*** Please ensure that your birth time is accurate, if it is off even by a few minutes it can really affect the accuracy of your calendar.



$ 79.00 CAD

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Up to 3 days



Emailed PDF Report

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