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The Ace of Swords


Upright Meaning

The suit of swords for many people represents difficulties all around. However, to me this is rather subjective. Because swords as a suit represents your thoughts,attitudes, communication and mental processes it does present an element of difficulty. As all of the aforementioned are subtle,changeable and subjective it is easy to see how people can feel intimidated by this group of cards

When it arrives in a reading I always thing about it as a tool, it cuts through the crap and signifies clear understanding of a situation or event. When it signifies a person, I always think of it showing characteristics of a personality that looks at things clearly, unbiased and logically. This card shows that what the questioner wants to know will be revealed through direct means; nothing is hidden and there is no deception. I’m always happy when I see this card in it’s upright position in a reading. 

Upright Key Words: Represents the creative ideas, the sword of truth, gaining clarity, excellent communicator, clear thoughts, justice; mental strength, divine inspiration, quickfire thoughts and ideas, warrior spirit

Inverted Meaning

Inverted Key Words: Self destructive. Bad choices or impulsivity. rigid thoughts or beliefs. Intellectual arrogance, sabotaging a relationship. Harsh words. Jealousy, hostility and uncompassionate





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