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Four of Pentacles


Upright Meaning

When the 4 of pentacles show up in a reading you can be sure that the person has their thoughts on their financial state or at the very least their sense of security. The character is shown with two pentacles below is feet, one clenched over his heart and another one over his head.

Upright Key Words: Work; a new job or career; career satisfaction; doing a good job; effort; excellence; continued progression; being industrious; productivity. Holding on to one's resources, Maintaining control and stability. Security and safety are measured in possessions. Being miserly, not willing to take risks. Refusing to share resources in an effort to ensure security.

Inverted Meaning

Inverted Key Words: Sometimes can be frivolous, or can be overly cautious. Being controlled by the desire for more. Accumulation of possessions to overcompensate. Being hard-nosed. Controlling others through materialism. Being rigid, unwilling to budge or listen to others. Loosening up, open to new ideas, willing to take CALCULATED risks


Taurus & Libra





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