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Hi! You found me!

I remember watching The Wizard of Oz when I was a kid and being enchanted and fascinated by the Emerald City. It seemed to have a magical quality about it that felt simultaneously luxurious and royal. 

Growing up in Washington State, our biggest city Seattle was referred to as the Emerald city because of the evergreen trees that are a prominent feature of the landscape. My younger sister, my husband, and my great grandmother all shared the same Taurus sun sign, which of course is the astrological sign associated with Emerald. 

Of all crystals, Emeralds are associated with the pleasure of luxury and riches, It also works to invite love and success in love because it is Emerald that works best on the Physical Heart Chakra. It is an excellent healer for the physical heart. This crystal assists you while you focus on creating a successful long-term love relationship. Emerald also generates harmony and contentment in your life by bringing you a sense of tranquillity.

As a crystal companion, Emerald is especially useful as it helps you keep a balanced state of conscious awareness. It enhances the memory and amplifies your mental body to create a greater intellectual capacity. This crystal is also very helpful when engaged in legal matters as it may help to tilt the scales of justice to your side. Emerald is a crystal that can be found in both raw and cut forms and is beautiful in matter how you choose to use it!

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