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7-day chakra check-in

  • 7Days
  • 13Steps




Use the 7 major Chakras as a guide to direct your self-healing efforts. In this challenge each day you will be offered an opportunity to focus on 1 of your seven major chakras. Each chakra is associated with not just a kind of energy, but also all the organs, muscular and subtle body systems adjacent to the chakra. Through focusing on the sensations and inner knowing, your healing journey will be guided by the intuitive information and the physical sensations that arrive with focusing your attention on these systems. It is entirely up to you as to the healing method you use. As we are all unique practitioners, it is best to use whatever modality you are trained in and most comfortable with. All modalities are welcome! Each day you will receive a prompt and an affirmation to use while healing the physical and subtle bodies associated with the chakra of the day. Please focus only on the day's challenge as it will be enough. You can do the challenge at any time you choose. Remember this is intended to improve your day, not become an inconvenience. When you've finished your healing session, a bit of feedback about your experiences would be wonderful! You may also share your experience in the Healers group! Sharing your experiences is a HUGE contribution and will serve to help all in the group!



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