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Over 30 Hours Of Video Lessons
Life Time Access
On The Go Learning

Master All 78 Tarot Cards​

Printable Cheat Sheets
Over 30 Hours Of Video Lessons
Life Time Access
Vibrant Private Community
Printable Cheat Sheets
Printable Cheat Sheets
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What Students Are Saying

Hi! I'm Alysa, and I'm excited to teach you!

I LOVE Tarot! I mean, I really love it!


However, my journey into the world of Tarot didn't start off smoothly at all. Just like most people, I initially approached those mystical 78 cards with boundless enthusiasm, eager to tap into the cosmic spiritual wisdom they held. But soon enough, I found myself way out of my depth.

I acquired my first Tarot deck during a time when the internet was in its infancy, there were no Tarot books in the local library, no mentors to turn to for guidance, and the nearest metaphysical bookstore was a daunting three-hour drive away.

So, as you can probably imagine, I had to take the hard road to Tarot mastery. I made more mistakes than I can count along the way.


Thankfully, that was a good 30 years ago! During the journey from then to now, I co-created a Tarot deck that became a best-seller (The Sirian Starseed Tarot), authored my top-selling book "Essential Tarot Master," and had the privilege of teaching thousands of eager students the art of Tarot reading.

I am SUPER EXCITED to introduce you to this course, where I've poured all the knowledge I've gained about these cards and how to interpret them. It's truly an incredible offering!

"At its core, Tarot is about connection. It helps us to delve ever deeper into the heart of the human experience and the profound tapestry of connections that bind us all."

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