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Wow is all I can say! Accurate, eye opening and inspiring! Everyone should go see Alysa! Thank you so much! I feel like I've been given the kick in the pants, and the vote of confidence that I needed!

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Astrology & Coaching Combo

The potency of Astrology and the guidance of coaching make this combination session incredibly powerful for those seeking clear direction for their lives. Astrology shows you where you can direct your energy and coaching gives you the plan and the motivation to get you there.


The best of both worlds!


This is a great session for anyone wishing to not just get on the right track, but to stay the


The first session you will have your natal chart calculated and delineated, discuss your desires and goals and create a going forward plan!

You will receive a black and white booklet (in person sessions only. Emailed PDF for phone or video sessions.) With your natal chart fully interpreted point for point.

*** You will need to provide your birth time, date, and place information 3 days in advance of your session.

*** Please insure that the time is as accurate as possible. 



Your first session: $155.00

Additional sessions: $100.00

Session Length:

120 min Session



Phone, Video or in Person, Hillsburgh, On

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Call Now 416-606-6098


Tue:   11 am - 8 pm     Thur: 11 am - 8 pm

Wed: 11 am - 8 pm      Fri:   11 am - 8 pm

Sat: 12 pm - 6 pm

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Purchase a gift card that can be used on any service I offer. From Tarot readings to Astrology, Past Life Regression or even Reiki.

Whatever they like, you can give!

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