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The Four of Cups


Upright Meaning

The four of Cups

Interpreting the four of cups begins with the person looking at three cups on the ground in front of him and the fourth cup in the image is being offered to the figure as he sits beneath the tree, but he does not see it as he is too focused on the cups overturned in front of him. I think of this as being focused on loss or the lack of something. When this card comes up it indicated that the person is feeling a sense or a desire for isolation. They are feeling very introverted and seeking fulfillment where none can be found. It’s as if everything offered to him is substandard, as though he will find something wrong with it no matter how good it is. This is because the person is so dissatisfied with everything. In a reading this card indicates that the person is very caught in the trap of their own self pity. They can’t see the blessings and gifts around them because they are caught in the belief that what they had is better than anything that is offered.
The advice this card offers is the person should seek enlightenment, psychological insight or some healing. This card symbolizes that when a person thinks only of that which has been lost they stand to lose the ability to relate to ourselves and others.
When this card appears remember to not personalize its meaning, remember that all people experience loss and that all humans experience hurt. If your life feels dull and uninteresting, you are the only one who can change this state of being.Understand that sometimes we all feel emotionally stuck and that you can even lose sight of the good things offered to you. So if you see this card in your spread, it is time to let go, forgive and move forward. Open your eyes and your heart to healing and prepare yourself to receive new gifts that will bring value into your life.

Inverted Meaning


When the Four of Cups is revealed in the reverse in your reading it indicates that new ideas and understanding about your life or a situation you are currently in. Pay attention to your dreams and the synchronicities that appear seemingly out of nowhere. When this card arrives in reverse in a spread or even on its own, remember to pay close attention, something good is on its way!  


Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio



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