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The Devil


Upright Meaning

The Devil archetype represents pleasure, vice, excess, entrapment, emptiness and lack of fulfillment in your life. It can often indicate that in some way you are slave or beholden to some form of physical addiction or pleasure… erm Amazon doesn’t count… I looked it up!
Essentially the person in question (even if it is you) feels powerless against the pull of their desires. To me this has always been a card of addictions. It could be to substance or some other form of escapism that is detrimental.

Inverted Meaning

If you see this card upside down its meaning indicates the moment at which the person could  become self-aware and releases themselves from the addictions they suffer from. Usually the liberation comes from wanting freedom from the seemingly endless cycle of self destruction and often is won through self discipline.

It must be noted that release from enslavement is never easy what The Devil asks when revered is for the person to take a deep inventory of their motivations and heal and repair the wounds that left them open for addiction to take root.
In other words the void that the person is attempting to fill with whatever is pleasurable to them must be healed in order to find peace. Lots of self control and honest introspection breaks the chains and allows the person to move forward.




Yeah, I know, I’m sorry Capricorn, this isn’t the nicest looking card but it is associated with your sign. The association between Capricorn and The Devil owes its origin is rooted in the symbolism of the Winter Solstice, the mythology of the Greek gods Kronos and Pan and the adversary Satan from the Book of Job.  However, the 15th card in the major arcana isn’t all bad, like everything in our world, there is a light side to every shadow.



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