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Reds, Oranges and Cream in alternating bands of Colour


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Cheerfulness, communication and Lunar Magick are all associated with Sardonyx, a powerful stone that assists you in navigating transformation! 

In some pagan practices, this stone has been used as a scrying tool to help divine the future, and interpret signs and symbols. In Feng Shui Sardonyx is associated with water energy, helping to harmonize the energy in the home or office through ensuring the energetic flow of water is incorporated into the environment. 

Sardonyx is a stone for increasing happiness, banishing grief, enhancing self-control and wise decision making. It is powerful in enhancing focus and encouraging a sense of confidence, helping you to achieve a sense of inner calm and peace. It cools and neutralizes excessive energy and calms nervousness. You may even choose to use Sardonyx to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression as it works to stabilize your emotions through grounding you. 

This stone is a type of banded or striped Chalcedony and is a mixture of Onyx and Orange Carnelian. Sometimes referred to as Sardinian Onyx, it may be found with distinct bands of colour or have a less defined mix of colours. 

Sardonyx is found in locations including Brazil, India, Germany, Uruguay, Russia and USA, but it is said that the best stones come from India. 

Tarot - Wheel of Fortune 

Chakra - Root, Brow, Sacral & Throat 

Energy - Yang/ Masculine 

Astrology - Aries, Leo & Virgo

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