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Sacred 7




Multi-coloured. Purples, browns, greys, yellows

Sacred 7

Hi! You found me!

I was out at this cool little shop in Fergus called the Bookery, I was there on a very special day for multiple reasons. First, it was my Grandmother’s birthday, she would have been 80 something, my Nephew was born and I was visiting one of my favourite places. To top that off I was able to give three people readings for their birthday that day. All around, it was pretty cool. To add to all the awesome I was lucky enough to find a Sacred 7 crystal, as it's rare and is only found in Espirito Do Sant Brazil.

If you haven’t ever heard of Sacred 7, you may have heard of it by some of its other names including Super 7 and Melody stone.

The Sacred 7 crystal is outstanding for improving all sorts of psychic capabilities and psychic skills such as lucid dreaming, channelling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, and other abilities. I found that I personally can’t have the stone anywhere near my bed because it opens my channel up waaaay to wide once I’m asleep and I’m not so good at filtering what comes through in the dream state.

Sacred 7 is a potent tool for harmonizing the body, it stimulates the body’s natural therapeutic system and can activate the cellular memory assisting in healing these systems.

Sacred Seven crystals are best used for relieving, harmonizing and revitalizing all Seven Major Chakras. 

These stones are naturally formed and is a combination of seven crystals.

The crystals that combine to comprise a Sacred Seven are quartz crystals that encompass 7 different mineral variations that synergistically produce a therapeutic frequency. The seven minerals in super seven crystals are Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Geothite, Rutile, Smokey Quartz, and Lepidocrocite. The Sacred Seven is a pretty intense crystal.

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