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Gold in colour

Hi! You found me!

SPARKLY! I think we can all agree that Pyrite is fun to look at. It just seems to grab your attention and your imagination all at the same time. I remember the first time I saw a chunk of Pyrite as a kid, I was giddy thinking about how that rock made the guy who had it on his desk SUPER RICH! 

I admit it, as a kiddo I was fooled by fools gold. However, I still really love Pyrite. It is present in other stones like Lapis Lazuli, offering its golden sheen as a compliment to the cobalt blue. Yet it is even more beautiful on its own, Pyrite is common and easy to come by. It is mined all over the world as is one of the most widely abundant sulphides in the world. Pyrite can be found in large and/or fine crystals which come from Italy on Elba and at Piedmont, in Spain, Kazakhstan, in the United States from Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Montana, Washington, and Missouri, and also in Peru.

 It is a good stone to keep in your wallet to bring prosperity and even better to keep near your computer… you know to help you keep from buying too many things Online. It is an excellent stone to help you avoid making foolish or unnecessary purchases. Primarily composed of iron sulphide, 

Pyrite is an excellent stone for ground. It helps to invigorate and revitalize the solar plexus chakra as well. Warming you up and inspiring creativity. Pyrite is also a very protective stone. It offers shielding from criticism and manipulation, working to deflect unwanted energies away from you. You can use Pyrite to resist anger or becoming upset by helping to harmonize and balance power between you and your partner. 

Pyrite is a powerful reflector in a crystal grid because of its many facets refract light energy, enhancing the potency of the other crystals in the grid as well as amplifying the frequencies emitted by the adjacent crystals. If you need support, Pyrite is an excellent stone for enhancing your confidence and elevating your leadership skills by imbuing you with charisma.

Never use Pyrite in an elixir or in get it in any other way. 

Tarot - Eight of Wands 

Chakra - Root & Solar Plexus 

Energy - Masculine/positive 

Astrology - Aries & Leo

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