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Moki Balls




Brown, Dark Brown, Tan

Moki Balls

Hi! You found me!

So, I was out and about doing some shopping when I stumbled on this cool stone. About the size of a baseball I was immediately attracted to it’s uneven surface and uniquely round shape. I couldn’t stop myself, I had to have it. So I grabbed it from the case in my favorite health food store and brought it to the register. So I thought I’d share this little guy with you. If you see one I certainly recommend you bring ‘em home.

Moqui Marble - also called Shamanic Star Stones, Mochi Marbles, Moqui Balls, Thunderballs,are stones that help us bring in harmony and balance. They are superb tools for vibrational and energy healing. If you are a Reiki healer or sound therapist this little stone is great for you. Shaman Stones are helpful in overcoming the fear of death and the fear of pain, freeing one to pursue one's path without limitation.They are found at the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Utah in the USA. They were named after the First Nations tribe that lived in the Moqui Desert.

Moqui Balls have a strong protective and grounding energy that not only keep you safe but aid you in healing work. Shaman Stones also are known to elevate your level of intuition. Which helps you to perceive negative energy and respond appropriately.These stones are ideal to use during healing sessions to guard both your client and your yourself.

If you are working with someone who is working through a lot of negativity and or trauma, the Moqui Stones are excellent for balancing the Male and Female polarities which helps to move the flow of energy through the client more efficiently, clearing blockages.

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