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Red, Orange, Semi transparent

Hi! You found me!

Here we are in February, the coldest shortest… yet seemingly endless month of the year. All the holidays have passed and we are kind of in that dessert island known as mid winter. For most of you, your thoughts are longing for spring, green grass and blue skies. Warmth is what you crave more than anything else. Oh and then there is everyone’s favorite “holiday” St. Valentine's day… or as my daughter refers to it - “Forever Alone Day” It’s not always the easiest day to celebrate. For some it means romances, cliched gestures of love wrapped in red heart shaped boxes. For others it’s a day that feels like a holiday contrived to remind singles just how single they are. All of the emphasis placed on buying jewelry and sweets to show your adoration is sometimes a bit too much for someone who is single, and it can be a lot of pressure for those in a relationship. Sometimes you can wind up feeling on the deep end of either side of the emotional pool feeling a ton of feelings that can cloud your vision. Love and even sometimes no love…. Is blind.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, I would like to offer you a crystal that will help you achieve and maintain emotional balance either way.


Carnelian, or cornelian as it was once known, is an excellent, all-round healing stone gently warming and very stabilizing. It works particularly well with the second, sacral chakra. If you find the energy of carnelian a little too strong, pair it with other cooling stones to soften its effect.

Carnelian is an Orangey and sometimes reddish quartz coloured by iron oxide impurities.


I love how carnelian grounds and anchors you in the present reality, keeping you in the moment and not distracted with fear for the future or pains from the past.  It’s an awesome satone for keeping you motivated, and for helping you uplevel your creativity. Best of all, you can use carnelian to encourage trust in yourself and your perceptions. It amplifies your ability to the bottom of what makes you tick.


If you haven’t gotten one for yourself yet… get a Carnelian, for such a simple stone they offer so very much. For instance it gives its users a steadying sense of security and balance. It’s connected to the root chakra which will help you in feeling more grounded and secure.

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