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Apophyllite (white)





Apophyllite (white)

Hi! You found me!

Apophyllite is GORGEOUS, I mean like really, really pretty. I was first introduced to this crystal in the late 90’s. I had gone into a cute little metaphysical shop in Seattle or Olympia (can’t quite remember) and I was immediately drawn to what I had thought was an especially beautiful clear quartz formation. Turns out I was wrong, what I was looking at was a rather large chunk of apophyllite. Oh M GEE I wanted it sooo bad but at the time it was way out of my price range. One thing is for sure I have loved it ever since. Many, many moons later I was finally able to get my hands on a decent sized chunk. 


Apophyllite is known for it’s super high vibration which helps you to connect to your crown and soul star chakras. It helps to bring clarity and illumination to situations that need special attention. It also is said to help safe journeying during astral travel by protecting the astral chord. It is excellent for enhancing clairvoyance, therefore every medium should have one in their collection. Apophyllite is especially good for those who need help in integrating past life lessons and  healing karmic wounds. Meditating with Apophyllite helps you to gain access to the Akashic records and to read them more clearly while accepting the truth that you recieve. Additionally, Meditating with Apophyllite on your chest helps to safely open the third eye and enhancing discernment of what you see. Apophyllite is found in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Nova Scotia, the United States, Iceland, Germany, Scotland, Greenland and Spain where it is mined.


Discovered in the early 1800s, clear apophyllite is a common, naturally occurring crystal pyramid. In the metaphysical world, clear apophyllite is associated with the astrological signs of libra, pisces and gemini and the elements of water and air. The clearer the examples of this crystal are considered higher the grade. Some people refer to these radiant, shimmering crystals as “meditation pyramids” or “the fisheye stone.” They are so worth adding to your collection!

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