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Golden, Dark Brown, Orange, Yellow, sometimes Green. 


Hi! You found me!

Among the uses for amber that include stimulating strengthening vitality, generating enthusiasm, and sharpens thinking. It also has healing properties, in that when worn against the skin and warmed by the body it can produce a pain reducing effect from succinic acid is a natural constituent of organic tissue.


It is also known as amber acid, mainly because Baltic amber contains up to 8% of it in its surface and it is the only type of amber with such high concentration. Momma’s around the world have used amber necklaces on their teething babies for centuries.

It also connects you to your personal history and that of the your soul and of the collective human consciousness. It is a great stone to use if you are attempting to access the Akasha. Amber is a beautiful and connected to the power of the Sun which nourishes all life on Earth.

Some important points to understand about Amber. First of all it’s not a stone. It is actually a fossilized resin from coniferous (think evergreen trees and shrubs) trees. The sap that comes from the tree was fossilized over 4 million years ago. Amber is very soft and can be shaped using sand paper or even heat. It is found all over the world but the largest sources come from the Baltic coast, Myanmar, and south America. It is often faked and passed off as the real thing, but you can verify if your Amber is real by seeing if it floats on water or if it smokes if you take a flame to it.


Amber is generally found in golden, honey, orange, reddish or green colors, burnt orange, dark brown, orange, and yellow. It can also be translucent or opaque. It can be found in  Sometimes it can be found with organic matter inclusions, though it is rare to find creatures or insects in naturally occuring Amber.


Needless to say this is one of those semi-precious gems that everyone should have in their collection. It’s so pretty and has so many uses that it is worth going out and finding one for yourself.

Associated with Leo and Aquarius sun signs.

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