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Dragon's Blood Jasper




Green with Red inclusions

Dragon's Blood Jasper

Hi! You found me!

Dragon's Blood Jasper is an ancient and honored stone. In today's world it is a "stone of courage" that will aid you to find creative ways to keep your life in balance. It also is being used to attract wealth. Dragon's Blood Jasper assists those who seek transformation in their lives. 

Perfect for those who need some help in finding a new path, a new approach, or a new angle by which they may attain that which  they don’t not already possess. Additionally Dragon's Blood Jasper is a talisman of protection, profit, and can be used as a personal talisman in long term endeavors in the creation and acquisition of financial security for old age.

Interestingly, according to ancient legend, Dragon's Blood Jasper was believed to be the remains of dead dragons, with the green of the stone thought to be the skin and the red being the blood of the dragon. 

Fairly common and available, I highly recommend adding one of these to your collection!

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