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Jess Phoenix

Community Advocacy Counselor

Jess of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of none. With a penchant for adventure, and an intense connection to the world around her, there’s very little this philomath will not try, or at least look into. Her spirit’s essence is to ‘Do the thing’, which has made for a life unlike most. Living outside the Matrix isn’t easy, as challenging the norm is, well, a journey, to say the least. She will gladly share whatever she has, as she knows what it’s like to go without. 

With a fierce sense of justice, she will use her vast knowledge to end tyranny where she can, and provide resources to facilitate a better world. We all deserve to be able to be who we are, love who we want to love, and pursue a better world without fear of persecution. Ask, and she will do her best to help, with Healer’s Hands, Seer’s Intuition, and Wit to provide laughter, which is always the best medicine. 

A Canadian currently residing in California, her Wanderlust calls her to explore, experience, and connect with the world we live upon, as well as any other realms one may choose to experience. Connection is her truest purpose, whether it’s physical, spiritual, mental, or deep within one’s self. Putting her gifts out there for all to see is a new practice, so she asks patience.  It was a difficult road to embrace them, she’s struggled with their reality her whole life. True emergence is no small task. 

Whether it’s a question answered, knowledge on how to best take care of your body, mind, and spirit, a physical adjustment, great conversation, or simply a warm hug; she’s got your back, or can help point you in the right direction. 

So let’s change the world together!

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