Meet the

North Star Mystic Academy 

Instructors and Council Members

Our Instructors

Personal connection is a priority with N.S.M.A., and our instructors excel at making our students feel part of the N.S.M.A. community!

We choose instructors who are proficient in the craft they teach! We pride ourselves on hosting the most dynamic, unique and original instructors available. Each teacher is Inspired, passionate and very knowledgeable and that's what sets N.S.M.A. apart from the pack.

Our instructors provide more then education - they deliver an experience!

Alysa Bartha

Head Instructor & N.S.M.A. Founder

111 - (Ryan Leis)

Senior Instructor

Our Council


Our Council members are professional, caring and above all extremly talented. As the backbone of N.S.M.A., they ensure everything that needs to be done - gets done! Plus, they are some of the most compassionate and caring people working hard to ensure that all of our students, mentors and instructors are taken care of!

Alli Leis

Council Head Administrator

Christina BebeE

Principal Council Liaison