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The Healing Dance


It is best characterized as a dance. Sort of a delicate tango.

Whether the injuries are to your body or your heart the process is the same.

You start in a place of unimaginable pain, it is profound and shocking. You are enveloped in it, like sitting in a bath that is too full. You wonder if you will drown, you wonder if you will ever recover.

Then bit by bit the pain subsides. No one can predict how long it will take. No one can prevent you from having the experience.

Sometimes you are able to numb it. Sometimes you can pretend the pain is not there. Sometimes you have to try to mask your pain with thinly painted smiles to hopefully relieve others.

Some days you are actually ok. It is surprising and hopeful when the acuteness seems to have wained.

Then at other times, you find yourself suddenly sensitive to the slightest touch, insanely aware that you are not fully healed; reminded by the lightning bolt of pain that arrives uninvited.

This is the dance.

This is where time slows and becomes thick and tarry. You can't heal fast enough.

The irrefutable truth is that time is what is required.

It is strange that the one thing that is needed is the one thing you cannot control.

But here my friend is the music of the dance...

When you heal, which you will; you will come to see that there was a specific purpose for your pain. That purpose will unfold with time. Maybe it is having insight that helps someone. Maybe it is knowing that you're stronger than you thought. Maybe it is a deeper appreciation and respect for the thing that catalyzed your injury or your healing.

Whatever you do with your healing, use the experience of your pain and what it has taught you to heal another.

This is the lesson. This is the healing dance.


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