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Should you be paying for a spiritual service?

Charging money for spiritual services is a HUGE debate within the spiritual community. There are those that believe you should and then there are those who are diametrically opposed to it. I think this has been a debate for a looooong time and I'm compelled to add my two cents. (pun quota met!)

I try to be very open minded and consider both sides of an argument, I firmly believe that a person should gather as much information about a subject before they debate it. I feel this way simply because I don't want to enter into a discussion like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. I know that I will never know as much as it would take to to convert or convince anyone to take on my views, so I would like to offer you my opinions and some food for thought.

I personally feel that not charging for a service is an option - but not necessary.

That is to say that not charging for a service is actually OK in certain circumstances. Sometimes you wish to gift someone a reading or a healing, Or perhaps you aren't charging a dollar amount because you know the person you are wanting to help may not have the money to pay you. Or even if you just want to give something away for the sake of giving. You might just be learning and don't feel like you should charge. I think that's alright too.

Some people believe that charging money for a spiritual service is unethical. They feel very strongly that working with and or in service of spirit should only be done altruistically. That charging a fee is greedy and or the behavior of someone who is unenlightened and working from ego.

Other people believe that you should charge for spiritual services in the same way you

would charge for any other service. They will argue that just like an expert or professional in any other field, the practitioner has invested time, effort and even money of their own to learn and hone their skills. They will qualify their argument by making comparisons between themselves and say - a mechanic.

You would pay a mechanic to fix your car because they can perform certain tasks based on a skill set that they have learned and developed. They are able to apply a specialized knowledge to solve a problem that you would not other wise be able to solve yourself.

So, to me that argument is valid.

I could try to fix the transmission on my car myself but I have neither the tools nor the

skills and certainly no innate talent to do more than make a bad situation worse.

Also,on the other side of that coin is that when you use a mechanic, you hope to find one that is honest and skilled in their profession. You don't want to get ripped off and you don't want to be taken advantage of either. It's pretty much the same when you go to a healer or light/ energy worker or intuitive adviser, a psychic or anyone that works with methods that are of a spiritual nature.

But truthfully I don't really give a crap about any of that! Like seriously... zero f**ks given. I am more concerned about what nature teaches us about relationships.

You see, while we human beings are busy worrying about economical ethics from a consumerism perspective; there are larger powers at work here. Powers, give no fucks about if the dollars make sense.

Here's the thing my love - while we often talk about the law of attraction and about how when we want to manifest something, you need to create the vibratory signature that will magnetize you in just the right way so that you are able to receive the things you wish to manifest. That being said, there other laws that we are universally subject to.

As humans that is.

OK, here's the part you've been waiting for -

There is a certain protocol that the universe expects us to adhere to, as it is part of the larger picture for all conscious, sovereign beings.

It's the law of reciprocity.

That means that whatever is given to you, in some way, you must give back.

So let me break this down to you. If you can agree that all things are created from and are made of energy, then you can see that money is only a form of energy. When you give a $100 dollars to your mechanic for changing your oil you readily pay for that. Why? Because it took your mechanic a good 30 minutes of getting dirty and knowing the right wrenches and the right type of oil for your car. Your mechanic spent energy doing this for you because for whatever reason you couldn't do it for yourself. You used their specialized knowledge and skills and if you were to walk away without reconciling your debt (or balancing the energetic expense account) basically on an energetic level you're stealing.

BOOM baby you just created a karmic debt.

Now, if you use a spiritual service which requires skill, time and talent to produce and you don't balance the energetic piggy bank then the universal law of reciprocity gets all offended and starts thinking of ways to balance the energetic books.

Really its not that nasty. Laws are like justice - neutral.

So, as in our ancestral past, you can choose to exchange energy by providing something to your healer/ adviser or teacher like food, or labour or whatever would be help to him or her. Or you could give money in reciprocity for the services provided. Whatever floats your boat. The universe doesn't care about what the exchange is made of - just so long as the exchange is made. Mic drop - peace!

Thanks for reading.

I hope this helps.




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