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Feeling is believing - and standing up.

So, my Reiki journey began with a back ache… ok maybe back ache is a little bit of an understatement. Somehow or another I had managed to pull my back muscles so badly that they went into a full scale revolt and refused to support me in a standing or sitting position.

I was concerned enough with the pain that I went to my doctor hoping to be given some insight that would provide some directions as to how I might find some relief. Sadly the best the doctor could offer was a round of muscle relaxers and a suggestion to stay off my feet. Um yeah duhhh. Needless to say I hobbled my ass out of that office no better for my visit. I spent the next three or so days in intermittent states of agony and sleep with no relief in between.

Then on the third day a friend who at that time was a skilled healer called me on the phone. She said that she had been thinking about me a lot. Hearing my thin pain filled voice she of course asked if I was ok. I responded with a nope… feeling pretty rough. She then told me that she would be in town and asked if I would like her to stop by and give me some reiki. I gave her a yes - a skeptical yes, so she agreed to stop in.

So here is where I tell you that all my previous experiences with reiki were nothing short of disappointing. I had encountered reiki healers before, all of which touting the miraculousness of reiki and how it could heal so many things. But to be honest with you not a single solitary one of them were able to convince me of the miracle of reiki. Far as I was concerned, it just seemed to be an imaginary routine that people did to make themselves feel as if they had control over their circumstances.

Turns out my limited experience led me to have a rather limited opinion. Funny how despariation can be the first step that puts you on the path to growth, expansion and a pain free lower back.

As it goes, my friend ended up coming over and showing me the truth of just how powerful reiki can be. Inside of 20 or so minutes I went from being in pain and about as mobile as a rusty set of roller skates to feeling nearly normal. The whole experience was something that was unexpected. The healing was simple and gentle. As I lay on my bed in pain waiting for nothing to happen, I gradually became aware of a sensation that I didn’t expect.

If you have ever held your fingers in a stream letting the weight of the water press between your fingers, just enough that you feel the resistance of the water, that’s what I felt. I was surprised to say the least. I didn’t expect to “FEEL” anything let alone an actual physical sensation. I don’t know how long the treatment lasted, I didn’t even understand how it could work so fast and so easily… but it did.

After I was able to stand up for the first time in like 3 days without feeling like I was gonna die, I knew I had to learn how to do this jedi magic, voodoo, sorcery. I have always been motivated by curiosity and in this case my interest was more than just a little piqued.

Buuuut, I didn’t seek training right away. Two years after the experience I just shared I went on to earn my first degree in reiki and followed it up a few months later with the second degree. Over the next few years I learned so very much through the practice of treating others with reiki. I learned that healing is something that takes place on more than just the physical level. I also learned that everyone’s experience with reiki is unique and intimate. I discovered that reiki doesn’t require you to believe it works in order for it to work. I learned that the reiki path is more than just a thing you learn when you are initiated with attunements, rather it becomes a way of seeing the world and engaging with it in a more aware and mindful way.

People often ask me what reiki feels like when you’re channeling it. From my experience I feel the heat emanating from my hands and I will often get a tingling sensation. When I’m working with someone I will often get a “pulling” sensation that seems to gravitate my hands toward an area that needs extra attention. Sometimes, I can feel reiki tingling in my feet which is interesting to say the least. What is consistent is that whenever I’m using reiki I feel something good; I feel connected to the source of all energy.

It took me several years of practicing reiki before embarking on my master teachers path. I always feel deeply honored and connected to my reiki family, my lineage when I am able to teach others and when I practice healing others. The best part is while I hold space for that curative energy to pass through my body and into that of another, I get to receive healing as well. Not just as a byproduct of being in the healing energy conduit, but as an intention of the method of healing. The healer is healed.

Reiki is for everyone. Anyone can learn. It is a system that allows healing to be given and received with energy that is available to us all with the benefit of not depleting one's own energy.

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