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Get Grounded With Moon In Taurus

Hey Chill Cats & Kittens

Nothing sets the stage for relaxed earthy vibes better then when the Moon is in the sign of Taurus. Listen to good music, ear god food and enjoy good company.

From July 7th to July 9th The Moon and Taurus mingle their energy.

The Bull is all about stable, practical and earthy energy. At best you can enjoy feelings of domestic satisfaction and comfort. At worst you could end up questioning yourself worth or self doubt. Remember that the Moon is what influences our emotions and Taurus informs the way in which we feel them. You could fell the call of nostalgia, and a desire to reminisce about the times when you were a kid. Remembering places you visited or events that had you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Of course if you don't have too many of those things to look back on this transit could also evoke feelings of sadness and a yearning for what could have been if things were different. As with all things even the Moon has a darker side. If you can my dear try to find the light even if it seems a long way away.

The next few days are a mixed bag of transits. Some difficult ( yeah I'm looking at you Mars) and some quite nice. Read on Moonling and see what is in the heavens for you.

Moon Square Mars on Saturday the 7th - Might be a bit tricky as grouchy angry feelings are likely to bubble up. You;re going to want to tread with caution to avoid big explosive fights that could really cause some damage. There is a potential for anger to become explosive and violence or some kind could erupt. Also today is not the day to take even calculated risks as the energy from the Moon Square Mars makes risks even riskier.

In other words don't go bungee jumping or anything that could end in a broken neck.

Notably, your relationships to women in your life could come under a bit of stress while under the influence of this transit. My advice? Even if you are angry and have a right to be, try to stay off the war path because the long term effects are not worth it. So try to express your frustrations but don't let anger direct your actions. The best thing you can do is walk away and try on another day that the energy is more supportive of talking and not punching. Also, be careful in the kitchen because this energy makes cuts and burns more likely than usual. Overall... don;t burn yourself, get in fights or jump off things and you should be mostly ok.

On Sunday the 8th we have a sensitive Moon sextile Neptune - Remember what I said earlier about good company and relaxation? When the Moon is Sextile to Neptune your ability to sense negative vines will be increased and your tolerance for any of that will be slim to none. The good news is that you probably wont run into too much of that. Additionally you likely notice that your intuition is more aligned with that which serves you, in other words you will not only see things more clearly but you will know through your feelings that you are correct. Pay extra close attention to your dreams, they will hold messages and direction for you because they will be very vivid.

Taking time to meditate will be extremely beneficial, helping you to reach deeper into your inner awareness which will reveal new creative avenues of expression. If you feel so inclines it is also a great time to dance and express yourself with fluid motion... Pro tip - try not to do that in the shower it could get dangerous.

Also, this is a very friendly transit for intimate partnerships. You and your lover can use this vibration (wink-wink) to create even more closeness in your relationship. Physical expressions of affection will be especially powerful.

Venus enters Virgo on Monday the 9th - You know this transit makes me think of that song by The Beatles - "All You Need Is Love" but with a Virgo twist. Your love will be motivated pragmatism. The love you want to give to those around you will need to make sense and it will need to be service oriented. Even though Virgo likes all the ducks to waddle in a neat and tidy little row it doesn't mean that love is devoid of passion or sensuality. Don't forget that Virgo is an Earth sign and it's nature is sensual but it is also very practical in how it is shared. For example, if during this transit you were to buy someone you love a birthday gift you would more than likely feel inspired to buy something that serves the person's needs rather than just their wants. So yes, you would buy them something pretty but only if it served a good purpose. Another consideration is that you might find yourself feeling a little guilty if you are even the least bit self indulgent. To truly take advantage of this energy find a way in which you can share your helping hands with those that might need a little extra help. A word of warning though, sometimes Virgo energy can be prone to excessive worry which will cause you to become critical, overly bossy or even like you have managed to have a stick up your bum. I'm only telling you this so you don't end up annoying people you love by trying to help them see the better way to do the thing.

Anyhoozies, it's been fun for me I hope it's been the same for you! Until next time dear Moonling.



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