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Tumbled Clear Quartz Grade AA

Tumbled Clear Quartz Grade AA

SKU: CRY20203121

A master crystal! Highly programmable, master healer, teacher, archiver and amplifier. Excellent for focusing, amplifying and storing energy. Filters all energies, helps communicate with guides, angels, light beings & starseed souls. Helps focus energy in  meditation, enhance the energies of other stones and attracts love, prosperity and  increases physical health. Increases intuition Multi purposed & truly powerful!

  • Returns Or Exchanges

    For Crystals:

     All crystals are final sale.


    For Jewlery:

    Everyone of my pieces are individually crafted and one of a kind. There fore all sales are final. If your jewlery arrives broken please send it back and I will repair it and return it to you free of charge. You are responsible for shipping fees associated with returns.

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