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Tough Love Tarot


Tough Love Tarot - 
You need to hear the truth, and I’m going to tell it to you! Tough Love Tarot is all about getting to the core of the issue without pulling punches. If you have been dealing with a nagging problem you just can’t shake, or you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, or maybe you just need some straight talk so you can move on in your life - then this is the reading for you. 
Using my special blend of no B.S. coaching and 27 years of Tarot reading experience, I will give you exactly what you need to hear to leave the fear and confusion behind to take control of your life and! 
Tough love is intended to help you break through the bullsh*t. I give you the REAL truth of what the cards say and the love to help you heal.
40 minutes
$65.00 includes HST
15 spaces only

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