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Sun , Moon & Rising Horoscope

Sun , Moon & Rising Horoscope


Sun, Moon, and Ascending Signs When you were born, the heavens stood still for a split second. All creation perfectly arranged each of the planets with the precise harmonic alignment to help you live better! Your personal horoscope is your life map, guiding you with the energy of the universe Your evolution as a human being is fully detailed in your birth chart. In this 45-minute reading, Alysa will reveal and interpret the positions and meanings of your chart's three most critical personal points.


Your Sun Sign is the sign that represents your mental self, or how you express yourself in the physical world. Your Moon sign represents your emotions and how your heart works. The Ascending sign represents your core self.


Every facet of your personality - your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses- is written in the stars, and this reading will help you understand their influence on your life! To get the most from this session, please be prepared with the accurate TIME, Date & Location of your birth.

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