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Past, Present & Future Natal Reading


See the connection between your past incarnation, your current life, and your future self with this in-depth, 2-hour astrological reading!

When you were born, the heavens stood still for a split second. All of the creation perfectly arranged itself at your birth, and each of the planets expressed the perfect harmonic alignment to help you learn soul lessons and complete karmic contracts.

Your evolution as a human being is fully detailed in your birth chart. Every detail of your personality - your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses, and even your past life is recorded in the stars and captured in your birth chart.

This combined natal & past life chart reading clarifies by showing you the identity of your most recent incarnation. Using your natal (birth) chart as a map of your soul's experience, the karmic path you are currently travelling is fully revealed.

Your chart will be read to you in a private online session, and you will receive a wonderfully designed and printable PDF directly to your email inbox.  

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