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Past Life Regression


Your past holds the key to your present! Karmic debts and lessons are part of your life. They show up in many different ways in your current life. You have a soul group and contracts with loved ones in your life. You have history, memory and a legacy that travels with your soul life afterlife.

Past Life Regression is ideal for those seeking a deeper level of self-knowing. If you have ever wondered why you gravitate towards things, times in history or even places on Earth Past Life Regression is the perfect way to discover where that comes from.

If you have fears you don't understand PLR can reveal the origin point of those fears helping to release them. 

PLR has many benefits that include:
Self Discovery
Understanding Karmic lessons & debts
Validate Soul Groups
Validate Soul Contracts
Release Karmic Connections to others
Heal Deep Wounds

​Each PLR session is 2 hours long and recorded in MP3 format. 

Retrieve soul memories through the gateway of the subconscious. The Past Life memories retrieved are to help you in whatever way serves you best. Whether you wish to deepen your understanding of your soul's journey, find validation for feelings or discover the landscape of your soul's experience, past life regression is the perfect tool.

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