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Palo Santo Stick 4 in"

Palo Santo Stick 4 in"


4 in Palo Santo stick $4.00 ea


  • Palo Santo Sticks translates roughly to "Holy Wood" and primarily is employed in ceremonial, meditation and yoga use. It has a warm, woody incense aroma with hints of citrus and spice. Species: Bursera graveolens.
  • Sticks are primarily burned to cleanse and protect spaces and humans against bad energy. They are also becoming popular in meditation and yoga applications. 
  • Our Palo Santo is the world's most sustainable. It is fully traceable from the Manga Manga community in the Dry North Coast Forest in the Piura department of Peru. Buying our Palo Santo helps protect this forest against clearing for agriculture.
  • Produced by Essential Oils Peru, regarded as the world's most sustainable Palo Santo producer. They only use fully traceable, naturally fallen wood and operate a tree planting program with their partner community.
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