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Grounding Mala

Grounding Mala

SKU: JEWL196808

Grounding Mala


10 mm Wooden beads seperated by Iridescent glass beads and accented with flat black beads and silver plated accents. 

Sometimes you can feel like you're a little wobbly and off as though you are somehow disconnected from your centered self. There are more causes for these feelings than I can count but what I do know is you can use the calming influence of this reiki infused Mala to help make you feel grounded once again.


Wood is known to help you connect in with the steadying vibes of the Earth which creates a perfect link between your physical body and the energy of Gaia. The black glass assists you with transmuting negative, anxious feelings into calm confidence. 


Lastly, like every Mala I make it is infused with Usiu, Tibetan and Divine you style Reiki energies . I do think to amplify the healing affect of the beads used in your Mala.

 Use the 108 beads to help you count your prayers, chant Mantra or even focus your atention while you manifest that which serves your highest good.  


Grounding Mala is the best choice for anyone who suffers with anxity, neverous tension, sadness or any emotion that make a person feel disconnected.

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    Everyone of my pieces are individually crafted and one of a kind. There fore all sales are final. If your jewlery arrives broken please send it back and I will repair it and return it to you free of charge. You are responsible for shipping fees associated with returns.

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