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Enegram & Star Tetrahedron Divination Disc

Enegram & Star Tetrahedron Divination Disc

SKU: DIV20201979

Enneagram  & Metatrons Cube


Each divination disc I create is made with real live edge Canadian wood.  The disc is multi-purposed and includes 2 sides.


Side A is the Divination Board. It features concentric rings that are used to uncover the will of the Divine. Using the months of the year you can forecast events and when they are most likely to occur. The Astrological glyphs can help you determine the energies at work in your life according to the sign that is active. Using the alphabet and numbers on the board you can determine names, dates and even the ideal quantities used in your intuitive work. Last, but certainly not least is the central portion of the disc which features a pendulum board.

Use your favourite pendulum to get your yes/ no/ maybe/ rephrase answers.  


Side B features a sacred geometry form that is perfect for creating beautiful crystal grids, charging crystals and other spiritual tools.  Each Geometric form I choose has a specific and complementary vibration for magical, spiritual and energetic work.


During the creative process, every single disc is consecrated and blessed personally by me. 


My divination discs can be used for crystal casting, pendulum work, with dice and more. Both sides of the disc are treated with a protective coating and can be cleaned gently with water and mild soap.


Discs range in size but are approx. 8 in around


As a natural product, each disc will be unique according to variations in wood grain, type of wood chosen and imperfections in the wood.


Each disc comes with an instruction booklet


Metatrons Cube Meaning - 

This geometric form is named after Archangel Metatron, who monitors the flow of energy in creation and delivers a connection between humans, the natural world and The Divine. Metatron's Cube includes all 5 Platonic Solids secreted inside of its intersecting lines, symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns found throughout our universe.


Metatron's cube is a form that can be used to clear away inferior vibrational energies, harmonize and revitalize chakras, and increase your persona vibration.  When working with Metatron’s cube, geometric light forms spiral through subtle bodies and work to clear and release dense energy, toxins, and destructive energy in any form. It is highly protective.


Enneagram Meaning

A Circle, representing the Oneness of life, and the container within which we as humans live out the context of our lives.  A Triangle, representing what is known as the Law of Threes, which states that every whole phenomenon is composed of three separate sources: the Active, the Passive and the Neutral.  And lastly, the Hexad, a six-pointed figure that follows seven points from beginning through six changes in momentum, and then back to its origin, which is the seventh point. The Hexad represents the Law of Seven.


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