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Chakra Healing Light - Guided Hypnotic Meditation

Chakra Healing Light - Guided Hypnotic Meditation


Your body is an amazing vehicle. It transports your consciousness through the physical world where you will have many varied experiences that help your soul to grow and expand. Your body has several energy centres or Chakras through which experiences are collected, catalogued and accessed.  On the physical level, most human beings are intimately aware of the gateways of sense through which information is collected.

What if those energy centres are not functioning as good as they should? What if they are not processing that energy efficiently? 

For many people, this can manifest as feeling blocked, low energy or even disconnected from all that gives you joy and inspiration. 

In this guided hypnotic meditation, you will experience soul-level healing intended to revitalize and reenergizes your Chakras so that you feel focused, strong and rejuvenated!

Meditation written & performed by Alysa Bartha Certified Hypnotist
Music Composed and performed by Ivan Duch -

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