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Business Profile & Yearly


Having your own business is exciting but can also be a bit stressful. It's a lot like having a new baby. 


Your Businesses Astrological Profile - 


Energetically your business is its own entity. To understand this, I will cast a natal chart for your business based on the date of its inception. This chart will tell you what your business's personality is made of. 

To ensure your business's success and longevity it is helpful to know what your business's strengths, weaknesses and karmic path are. 

Knowing these things will help you to direct your energy with more efficiency. If you are able to target what strengths to leverage and what weaknesses to stabilize it will help you to intelligently grow your business.


The Yearly Forecast -

To get a sense of the themes of the year ahead for your business, a predictive chart is cast that will provide you with direction for the coming year. 

You will know exactly what your business needs you to focus on so that you can thrive and what areas might be energetic leakages that you can account for. 

This session includes both your Business Profile and Yearly Outlook charts, PDF reports for both charts and a 2-hour consultation where we go over your Business's big 3 and karmic path plus the coming year's themes, major influences and challenges. 

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