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Amethyst, Hemitite & Peridot Serenity Mala

Amethyst, Hemitite & Peridot Serenity Mala

SKU: JEWL196801

Serenity Mala 

I designed this Mala with the intention of bringing it's wearer serenity. With peace of mind, heart and soul much can be accomplished.


I chose to use Amethyst to bring you calm and clarity to your mind, relaxing and releasing fears and confusion. Ametyist is known for not only its protective qualities but also its ability to soothe and relax.


Peridot is a stone that is renouned for it's ability to focus the mind on giving and receiving love. It is associated witht he heart chakra and gently works it's magic by helping the wearer let go of heart break.


Hematite grounds, reflects and protects its wearer. Hematite is in my top ten favorites in the crystal world. It is one of the most common ones you can find, but it really is a powerhouse of protective energy.


And of course, the Mala is infused with reiki. The word reki means universal energy. This energy is channeled directly from source and infused intot he malas I make becuase there is no such thing as too much love, energy or healing.




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