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1 HR Reiki Session


"For thousands of years, the most refined cultures in our collective history understood that human beings were more than machines.


Reiki is a specific type of subtle energy work in which healing is performed by touching the hands. Reiki is gentle and non-manipulative (your body isn't moved by the practitioner) healing method which is profoundly effective for many physical, emotional and mental conditions.


Deeply relaxing and restorative, Reiki is used in hospitals, chiropractic, assisted living, hospice, spas, massage, yoga, prenatal care, post-natal care, and more."


Reiki is a non-manipulative healing modality. This means that you can enjoy the most profound states of relaxation and healing for your body, mind and soul without interruption. 

Melt into serenity for 1 hour in a beautiful and tranquil setting in rural Hillsburgh, Ontario 

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