Fifth Element Study Materials

Please download all of your 5th Element Tarot materials!

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Fifth Element Homework:

For this Elements homework,

Time to put your reading skills to the test!

Oh no don't be nervous, this is a safe place to test the waters and learn what you don't know you don't know.


For this element, you will need to collect 3 case studies.  

Please download the case study forms.


One is for you to fill out ,and one is for the person you read for to fill out.  Please be careful to take note of how the reading progresses. It's important for your growth as a reader to be very gentle with yourself, there is no need or pressure to do EVERYTHING right. 

You may conduct your readings any way you like - in person, over the phone or even over video messenger.

When you conclude your reading, please provide the case study client questionnaire form to the person you are reading for and you may either ask them to email it directly to me at

or you can collect it from them and send it to the same address.

Best of luck darling, I know you got this!


** You may submit photos of your work if you like

For written homework submission please submit



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