Oct 1, 2018

My current favorite


So I'm super into clear quarts right now.... what do you love? Show me a pic

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  • Hey! I gotta know, what stone are you searching for? What little piece of amazing are you dying to add to your collection? Me... I'm looking for a nice piece of Moldavite.
  • Soooooo.... I started collecting rocks since I was a kid. I'd pick up any old rock that caught my fancy. It might have been the shape or color or even where it was laying; whatever it was, if it caught my attention it would up in my pocket and into a cardboard box I kept in my closet. I dont know why I was attracted to rocks, I just was. Fast forward a few decades and several dozen collected treasures later I have refined my taste and reformed my collecting standard. (Not by much tho lol) So I'll show you some of mine... if you show me yours. But, there's a catch. I wanna know HOW you use your Crystal's. Also... I would live to know which stones are on your catch list. I'm looking for a nice piece of Moldavite.😁😁😁

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