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Essential Psychic Development
Essential Astrology Fundamentals
Shinpiden Empowerment - Reiki Master Manual

Essential Psychic Development

When you are just getting started on your intuitive path you need easy guidance you can follow. Essential Psychic Development

is a fun workbook that is written in easy-to-understand language so you can quickly learn potent practices for opening your third eye, trusting your intuition, and how to decode vital signs & symbols from your guides and in your meditations.

You will also discover the difference between Tarot and Oracle Cards, how to use a pendulum, the benefits of crystal energy, and how to use them to raise your vibration and advance your psychic & intuitive abilities. This workbook offers plenty of room to write your notes and easy and fun exercises to teach you to use psychic tools, self-protection techniques, energy cleansing methods, and techniques to discover your personal intuitive language!

In this workbook:

The Clairs, Crystals, How to use a Pendulum, instructions for creating your own psychic dictionary, card spreads, journaling space and more!

Essential Astrology Fundamentals

Essential Astrology Fundamentals is an in-depth look at the basics of astrology, including the meaning of the planets, signs, and houses. It is designed to be a complete introduction to the subject for beginners. 

This book is written in an easy-to-understand style that makes it accessible for even those who are new to astrology. Essential Astrology Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to the basics of astrology, including the history and development of astrology to how it's used today. Whether you're just curious about what your stars say about you or looking for an introduction into a new hobby, this book will help guide you through all of the basics.

In this training manual:

A Brief History of Astrology, Astrological Philosophy, Astrological Diversity, Overview of Natal Astrology, Horary, Electional,

Mundane and, Medical Astrology, The Four Pillars of Astrology, Astrological Terms Dictionary and more

Shinpiden Empowerment

Reiki Master& A.R.T. Manual


Commitment and intention have encouraged your every step along your Reiki Journey. It is time to advance your skills, deepen your connection to Reiki Source Energy, increase your self-awareness, and extend your spiritual growth while further empowering your relationship with Reiki.

Reiki Master Training is centred around your evolution as a healer and an embodied soul. As a companion in your training, this manual will open you to new processes, philosophies, and spiritual growth. 

In this training manual:

Origin of Reiki Symbols, Healing, Attunements Process Revealed, Master energy healing, The principles of third-degree Reiki, Self-Care techniques, Techniques for consciously activating and harmonizing the Chakras, Energetic “Surgery”, Aura Cleansing, Cutting energetic cords, Removing entities, Advanced Space Clearing Techniques, Vibration technique, Crystal Healing Techniques

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