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Hypnosis Session

Hypnosis gently activates the parts of the mind that automatically guide your actions toward achieving the optimum states of vitality in mind, body and soul.
Since ancient times hypnosis has been used to heal.

Through inducing a state of deep relaxation, hypnosis reaches into your subconscious mind helping to stimulate healthy desires and eradicate unhealthy habits.


Hypnosis gently activates the parts of the mind that automatically guide your actions toward achieving the optimum states of vitality in mind, body and soul. It is 100% safe and is used by practitioners all over the world.
I recommend 4 full hypnosis sessions in person and then we will reassess your progress and discuss next steps. At the end of the 4 sessions, you will be given a USB with your personalized hypnosis recording to use for maintenance.

Hypnosis is ideal for:
• Healing
• Relaxation
• Rest
• Stop Smoking
• Weight Loss
• Mental Focus
• Concentration
• Self Confidence
• Reliving Stress
• Reliving fears
• Releasing emotions



$100.00 CAD

Session Length:

60 min Session



In person sessions, travel fees may apply

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