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Three of Wands


Upright Meaning

Momentum is gained when the 3 of wands is seen in a reading. The person you see in the card is looking out into the world seeking to expand his horizons. The plans he has made in the two of wands are now in action. When this card is revealed in a reading it indicates that the person it is for maybe preparing to embark on a journey of sorts. Maybe there is some new education, a new philosophy or even a new opportunity at work. 

All in all this card talks about making changes and getting out of one's comfort zone. Whenever I see this card I’m reminded to tell my clients that even though there are exciting new opportunities on the horizon, there will still be challenges and difficulties to overcome. If you look deeper into the card you can see how the figure is positioned with his back facing you. This indicates there is a forward motion ahead of the person. The ship on the water hints at the changes ahead and even the sure course the person is now on… after all you aren’t getting anywhere if you don't plan ahead. The water depicted in the card represents the seen and unseen difficulties the person will need to overcome as they forge ahead into the new chapter of their lives.

Lastly, of course, are the wands themselves. They all stand upright, one on each side and one slightly offset from the figure. Remember, wands signify the force of will, the desire and power of action. Spirit and creativity are at play and the expression of one's desires are on the surface of their thoughts and they are prepared to meet the challenges of achieving their goals. Wands are dynamic and always associated with action, passion and drive.

Inverted Meaning

Reversed: Stagnation, delays, In Life Wishing to surpass one's predecessors. Poor success rate because of haste. Not paying

attention to details. Daydreaming of advancement rather than achieving it.


Fire signs, Aries, Leo & Sagittarius 



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