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King of Wands


Upright Meaning

The King of Wands

Court cards are often confusing for readers, causing deeper contemplation when interpreting the meaning of the card. More often than not court cards represent people, however the gender of the person isn’t always depicted in the card. Rather, I always advise readers to consider the energy that the gender in the card represents. In other words, pay attention to the polarity of the energy. For example if it is a Queen then the energy is feminine - intuitive, receptive, changing, creative, negative, and flowing. Where as Male energy is logical, linear, direct, creative, positive, and organized. Then, the next thing to consider is the suit, remember that each suit represents an element and each element is associated with a particular set of skill… oh I mean a particular mode of energy.


So let’s look at the King of Wands! The King Of Wands represents a person who is all about leadership. It represents an energy that exudes devotion, family values and is interested in effecting positive change. This King represents excitement and motivated action. He wants to get shit done! Like now. This card always makes me think of the positive side of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius energy. It is a very optimistic card and it’s association with Fire tells you that the changes the King foretells are coming sooner than later. When it represents a person, The King Of Wands can be interpreted as a personality that is mature, direct, authentic and has a very positive influence on those around him or her. The card indicates that the personality is revved up and ready to make some serious transformations but is doing so from a platform of authority. If you look at the card in closer detail you will notice that the posture of the king is very straight (makes me rethink all the slouching I do when I write) hinting at his readiness. He is also cloaked in red - the color of passion- yellow, the color of will and creativity but he also has on green shoes and mantle which indicates that he is moved by his heart rather than a dispassionate head. He’s a lover and a fighter.


If this card comes to you in reverse, take time to consider what it might be saying. Is the person (you or whomever you’re reading for) acting rashly? Are the rushing ahead without really thinking things through? Perhaps the person's temper is getting the better of them and they are getting carried away with the story in their head not the reality in their lives. Don’t forget, inversions aren’t always negative.. They just tell us more about the energy of the reading. So when the King of Wands shows up inverted… maybe take that as a message from the universe that the person ( or any other appropriate noun) need to slow it down a touch. They need to think as opposed to just reacting

Upright Keywords: Devotion, creative, action oriented, passionate, leadership, authentic, energetic

Inverted Meaning

Inverted Keywords: False, inauthentic, egocentric, reactionary, rage, reactive, selfish





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