The King Of Cups


Upright Meaning

Emotion is the key word whenever you see cups cards come up in a reading. In the Hierarchy of the court cards the Kings represent mature male energy and in the case of the king of cups we are talking about a personality that is emotionally mature, in touch with the motivations of their subconscious. The king of cups in so many ways represents a compassionate and somewhat emotional man; likely to not only feel deeply but also express it too; knowledgeable on spiritual and mystical matters; no doubt psychic or with a strong intuition; a warm and gentle guy, liked by many for his easy nature; the voice of reason in times of trouble; likely to be found in the caring professions and the arts.

Inverted Meaning

Emotionally stunted and insecure. Selfish and petulant. Possibly narcissistic. Secretive, deceptive, not willing to face the truth.