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Ok Virgo, time to shake things up! Chances are you have been feeling a bit of burn out. It's like you want something new, you want changes for the better so you need to take a long hard look at things and maybe make some alterations to your life goals. Instead of rushing for answers... quick as your mind is, you may wish to write a list of pro's and con's. Take some time to marinate in your options, reach out to a trusted friend, or maybe just take a break and focus on something else. Any which way you go, you will find the answer than you need.


Mid Month -  You're not gonna like this... but you really need to slow down and rest. I know you love to work, but you would be well advised to pay attention to the subtle areas of your life - creativity, philanthropy, spirituality, and artistry. You should also really trust your intuition, if you are feeling inspired to do something, follow your gut. I know the desire to escape is strong, you just want to get away from it all - I don't blame you. Don't push whether you realize it or not, you're probably just really effing tired. Take some quiet time, rest a little. To tell you the truth, if you do take some time away, you will come back twice as effective because your mind will be so much clearer.

Later in the Month -  Time for some good conversation! You might really be craving some intellectual stimulation is just what you need. You have the gift of gab at this time and you have the power in speech which makes you so persuasive that everyone just wants to say yes. Talk about your thoughts on change and don't be afraid to mentally push your limits. Just don't forget that conversation is a two way interaction, if you aren't careful your conviction could be taken as overconfident judgments towards others. 

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