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Hey Taurus, you're feeling kinds good these days, it's like all the things you love... you love a little more than usual. It's a good time for you to take pleasure in the harmony while it lasts. As spring inches ever closer you might be feeling an urge for spiritual renewal. In doing so you may develop the ability to see your life in a new light. You are ascending to a new higher vibration, you are evolving and in the process of getting of wisdom. The truth is you are entering a new cycle of life in your life and if you look you might even notice the signs of new growth. There is a presence of joy in starting over.

Mid Month - Ok, this is more of a warning for you, you might feel tempted into impulsive reactions because you feel the pressure of a fast paced world. Everything is getting on your nerves because everyone see,ms to have forgotten how to act. You might even be plagued by mechanical breakdowns. You could even experience a break down in communication causing arguments and conflicts. It's especially important that you resist the urge to be distracted. Do your best to keep your eye on the prize and your head in the game. While the world around you is spinning in chaos, do that awesome Taurus thing you do and stand your stubborn ass firmly in your foundations. Keep in mind that it is your ability to weather a storm that endears you to your employers this month. Batten down the hatches and keep your chill on.

Later In the Month -  I know you prefer to do things on your own, I get it... but you may be smart to enlist the help of others to achieve your goals. It would help you to see that you are not alone., even if you prefer it that way sometimes :) Try and stay focused if you can. Your mentally pushing the limits and if you're not careful it could get uncomfortable... you know, unscheduled down time. Let yourself day dream a little, nurture that interest in learning and travel. Lighten up and have some fun. 

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